To be or not to be regards issues of the loss of natural habitats and specially those who live in them, be it humans or animals. The approach is poetic, a reenchantment with nature, a consideration for biocracy.

Tigris Altaica 
Oil, acrylic, encaustic, eco paint and gold particles on canvas. 300x200 cm, 2011

Ursus Maritimus 
Oil, acrylic paint on canvas. 230 x 132 cm. 2012

Ritual dancing emerging at a Mall 2011 flood 
Acrylic, encaustic, oil and pigments, 200x200 cm. 2013

Panthera Uncia & zoo map 
Mixed media on Canvas, 40x40 cm. 2013

Lynx Pardinus (Lince Ibérico) 
Acrylic and encaustic on linnen. 2011

Portrait of George, the last of his species, Galapagos 
Oil on canvas, 81x130 cm. 2013

Millenium spawning at birthplace 
Mixed media on canvas, 170x130 cm. 2013

Keep them alive with you 
Mirror and mixed media on sewed canvas with wooden frame, 77,5x90x35cm. 2013